About Us

Who We Are

Virginia Newsletters LLC provides an unrivaled 360-degree perspective of the commercial and residential property market in the District of Columbia and five key Northern Virginia jurisdictions not available from any other source. We deliver market intelligence that matters most to real estate industry professionals today, allowing them to track government actions, identify market trends, and monitor the development pipeline and current property sales in order to make informed decisions.

Subscribers receive digital copies of the publications containing news articles and comprehensive information about the latest real estate transactions, building permits, and land use applications and decisions.

We also offer our subscribers to access to our comprehensive on-line database, with records archived for over a decade, including detailed information on real estate transactions, building permits, and land use applications and decisions. Using the on-line data base, subscribers may sort, visualize, and analyze all the data gathered and researched by Virginia Newsletters by downloading the information to spreadsheets.

Our oldest continuous publication, The Fairfax Newsletter - often referred to by industry insiders as "the green sheet" - was founded in 1955. Since 1985, we have added the Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, Stafford, and D.C. newsletters

What You Will Find

  • News Stories on local government activities and actions relevant to real estate industry professionals
  • Current Building Permit activity focused on new residential and commercial construction, with details on the use and location of each project
  • Planning and Zoning applications and decisions, with details on each proposal, including location, project description, and applicant's name and address
  • Recorded deeds with the latest sales of commercial property, residential lots, and new home sales, with information the price, the seller and buyer (including the buyer's address), the property size, location, zoning district, and current assessment information.

Our Process

The world of building permits, land use applications, and rezonings is highly complex and varies greatly among the different jurisdictions. Virginia Newsletters has a team of experienced researchers who navigate, mine, and verify information on commercial and residential development, providing reliable up-to-date details on building permits, land use applications, planning and zoning actions, and real estate transactions in each jurisdiction.

Our reporters cover board of supervisors and planning commission meetings, accurately and objectively reporting on land use decisions and governmental actions and identifying issues that are important to professionals in the real estate and development industry.

Our Newsletters

Virginia Newsletters publishes five newsletters, each focused on a local jurisdiction in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area:

  • The Arlington Newsletter (12 issues a year)
  • The D.C. Newsletter (12 issues a year)
  • The Fairfax Newsletter (24 issues a year)
  • The Loudoun Newsletter (24 issues a year)
  • The Prince William Newsletter (12 issues a year)
  • The Stafford Newsletter (12 issues a year)

Our Location

We are based in Northern Virginia in the Tysons-Dulles Corridor.