Products & Services

Products & Services

Newsletters emailed to you 12 to 24 times a year, plus your own customized, on-demand search & download ID, to see transactions as soon as they are recorded in our data base by our research employees.

  • Commercial Land & Building Sales (buyers, sellers, price, address, zoning, tax map & PIN; many more details…)
  • New Homes Sales, by Homebuilder (SFD, TH, Condo, buyer, price, zoning, address, many more details…)
  • Zoning Applications & Decisions (What zoning changes have been approved/not approved, and where)
  • Building Permits (Who is going to do What work activity)
  • In-depth news stories (all written by our reporters)
  • We can be your Research Department, with customized data research and reporting based on your needs.

In Virginia

  • The Arlington Newsletter
  • The Fairfax Newsletter
  • The Loudoun Newsletter
  • The Prince William Newsletter
  • The Stafford Newsletter

In The District of Columbia

  • The D.C. Newsletter